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Shipping times generally range from 1 to 3 days, depending on your location. Deliveries to Bangkok and Chiang Mai usually take 1-2 days, depending on the time of your order placement.

For the rest of Thailand, deliveries typically arrive within 2-3 days. We offer same-day delivery in Chiang Mai if you place and pay for your order during our office hours.

You’ll receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking link once your order is on its way!

Nope, no sneaky extra charges at checkout! Instead, we offer free shipping and include all taxes in our displayed prices. That means the total you see in your cart is exactly what you’ll pay at checkout. Simple, transparent, and hassle-free shopping!

All our prices are inclusive of 7% VAT. 

Don’t worry! If any bottles in your order get damaged during transport, we’ll happily replace them for free. Just snap a picture of the outer box upon arrival and send it to us. We’ll handle everything swiftly and ensure you receive your complete order in perfect condition.

Creating an account is a breeze! Simply log in using one of our offered social networks, like Google or Apple. When you place an order, we’ll request additional details like your address, email, and phone number.

Please note that we may conduct an age verification check.

Already placed an order? No problem! Reach out to us in these convenient ways:

  1. Reply directly to your order confirmation email: It’s easy and quick!
  2. Chat with us live: Use our Live Chat in the bottom right corner for instant assistance.

If you need to change your address for future orders, please go to your Account-section and edit your address details. 

The number of packages your order arrives in depends on its size. Orders of 12 or more bottles are typically split into two or more boxes (cases) for safe and efficient delivery.

Unfortunately, we can’t ship orders outside of Thailand at this time. Our deliveries are currently limited to Thailand only.

Pricing and Products

Great question! Wondering why our prices are lower than the competition?

Here’s the secret:

We cut out the middleman! By sourcing directly from importers at wholesale prices, we skip unnecessary markups. Plus, our wines are stored in pristine, air-conditioned warehouses and shipped directly from the source, minimizing storage and transport costs.

This streamlined approach allows us to offer you the best possible prices on top-quality wines without compromising on freshness or quality. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Calculating standard retail prices for wine and spirits can be tricky, as they can vary significantly depending on the venue (supermarket vs. restaurant), location, and specific product. However, here’s a general breakdown of our approach:

Understanding Markups:

  • Supermarkets and retailers: Generally apply lower markups, typically ranging from 100-300% above wholesale cost. This reflects their larger purchasing power and lower operational costs.
  • Restaurants and bars: Often use higher markups, from 300% to 400% or more, to cover food preparation, service, ambience, and other overhead expenses.

Our Pricing Strategy:

  1. Base Price: We start with the wholesale price we pay to importers or distributors. This reflects the inherent value of the product based on its origin,grape variety, production method, and other factors.
  2. Markup: To cover shipping, handling, and operational costs, we apply a markup lower than both restaurant and supermarket markups. This reflects our unique position as a membership wholesale retailer.
  3. Competitive Landscape: We consider market trends and competitor pricing to ensure our prices are fair and competitive within your region.


  • Standard retail prices are dynamic and can fluctuate. Our focus is on offering competitive prices while ensuring we can source high-quality products and cover our operational costs.
  • If you have a specific question about the price of a particular wine or spirit, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is happy to provide more details!

Absolutely! We proudly offer only genuine products. We partner exclusively with reputable importers of wine and spirits to ensure authenticity.

Every item in our shop undergoes a rigorous verification process and is legally imported and taxed, guaranteeing compliance and peace of mind for our valued customers.

We understand you might be curious about our minimum order value. The reason is to keep our prices competitive! We offer free shipping and already include taxes in the displayed prices.

To achieve this without compromising quality, we operate with very thin profit margins. Unfortunately, shipping individual bottles wouldn’t be sustainable, so we set a minimum order value to ensure efficient operations and offer you wholesale-like prices on quality wines.

Need a hand? We’re happy to help! Our friendly customer support team is available most of the time through these convenient channels:

  • Live Chat: Click the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen for instant assistance.
  • Email: Send us a message at [email protected], and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Whether you have a question about your order, need help choosing the perfect wine, or just want to chat, we’re here for you! We offer support in both Thai and English to ensure everyone feels heard and understood.

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