Shinju Japanese Whisky

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  • Country: Japan
  • Region: Various regions, predominantly from the Mount Fuji area
  • Type: Blended Whisky
  • Alcohol: Typically around 40%
  • Volume: 750ml
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Shinju Japanese Whisky ฿2,595.00 Original price was: ฿2,595.00.฿1,495.00Current price is: ฿1,495.00. (inc. VAT)
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Appearance: Shinju Japanese Whisky presents a clear, medium amber color, suggesting a balance of richness and delicacy typical of Japanese whisky.

Nose: On the nose, it offers a subtle yet complex blend of aromas. Expect hints of orchard fruits like apples and pears, accompanied by a light floral note and a touch of honey sweetness.

Palate: The palate of this blended whisky is smooth and well-rounded. It features a harmonious mix of sweet fruit flavors, vanilla undertones, and a mild oakiness, reflecting its careful blending and maturation process.

Finish: Shinju Japanese Whisky concludes with a moderately long and clean finish. It leaves a pleasant hint of sweetness and a slight spiciness on the tongue, making for a satisfying end to the tasting experience.

Overall Impression: Shinju Japanese Whisky is a gracefully crafted blend, showcasing the finesse and precision of Japanese whisky-making. Its smoothness and balanced flavor profile make it an excellent choice for those new to Japanese whisky, as well as for enthusiasts looking for a versatile and approachable expression. It’s suited for a variety of drinking occasions, whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as a base for sophisticated whisky cocktails.


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